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The Perfect Pre-Run Meal

Do you know what I really hate?

The scale.

It drives me crazy. More so than the average Joe because I have a lot of clients constantly sending me messages about their I have my own demons to contend with. Its not that I have any issues whatsoever coaching someone through a panic attack about the number on the scale, but more so the idea that this dinky little number has so much power over us. It can totally transform the way we FEEL the whole dang day. It can totally dampen how you SEE your reflection that day once you put on scale-colored glasses. Sure, I know that a low number on the scale can be ultra motivating, but again I feel uncomfortable giving so much power to such an insignificant measure of progress.

Okay, not totally insignificant, but body weight can fluctuate wildly in the course of 24 hours. Hormonal changes (ahem, ladies), hard workouts, salty meals, dehydration, meal composition can all affect how much water you retain at any moment you step on the scale.

If you're weighing yourself on the reg, be sure to weigh yourself first thing in the morning after using the bathroom in the nude. Pair up weigh-in day with a more accurate indicator like photos or measurements in order to get an ACTUAL indication of your progress.

My style however is more so about focusing on the strength of my body. I have found that focusing on athletic performance is the best way for me to make healthy habits a part of my routine without any guilt or lack-of-motivation. I am always working on a fitness goal and by focusing on the fitness goal, my body stays lean and strong in the meantime. I choose foods that will help my body recover and give me strength, I choose foods that I enjoy wholeheartedly with a loved one and give me fond memories, and I choose food with the mindframe that every bite is filled with 'TLC' or tender loving calories.

As of late, I have been training for the Ted Corbitt 15K. It has been AMAZING to run again. Run without injury and to do speed workouts and run distances that leave me breathless and physically exhausted. I love when I love running.

This rebirth of running passion has led me to be all about my Real Foodie Fueling e-book (AGAIN). Who knows if I'll ever actually e-publish it, but I did want to share a recipe from it on here since I'll be using it as a my race day meal on December 9th.

This recipe is not only SUPER easy to make (less than 5 minutes) and DELICIOUS (I always want to eat like 8 servings of it), but it also has the EXACT amount of carb & protein you need to DOMINATE your workout based on the Academy College of Sports Medicine 2016 Recommendations. I love all the thangs based on science. Ya know me.

Your Competitors Are TOAST

2 slices thin-sliced Dave Killer Bread (or 2 slices rice-based Gluten Free bread)

1 medium banana

1. Toast bread.

2. While bread is toasting, put banana in a microwave safe cup/bowl and microwave for 30 seconds to soften.

3. Remove banana from microwave and add protein powder and peanut butter powder. Mash the contents together to form a thick paste.

4. Spread banana-paste on the bread. Consume 1-2 hours before your event!

One Serving: 320calories, 45 gm carb, 12 gm protein, 4.5 gm fat

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