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Day in the Life: A Splendid Spoon Cleanse

chilling with a Splendid Spoon cacao almond smoothie

I became a Splendid Spoon Ambassador last summer after tasting their delicious products and learning all about their affordable, nutrient packed, vegan meal delivery service! Use this link to get $20 off your first order!


If there's one thing you need to know about me, its that I love to eat. I don't understand those of you who "forget" to eat or "eat to live." Sure, I appreciate the magical complexities of nutritional science, but I also appreciate the delicious flavors of food and the amazing feeling I get when I enjoy a scrumptious meal. Homegirl is a foodie at heart.

So when Splendid Spoon reached out to me last summer about trying their Soup Cleanse, I was skeptical.

Um, sacrifice a whole day of chewing for 4 soups and a stew? Como se whaaaa?!

However, my skepticism abated after reviewing the details of the Soup Cleanse.

  • Splendid Spoon's soups are all vegan. After watching What the Health, I've tried to do meatless days at least once weekly.

  • All of Splendid Spoon's products are loaded with resistant starch. This is a powerful way to kick your body into fat burning mode AND boost your immune system by feeding the healthy bugs in your flora.

  • Loaded with anti-inflammatory fats that help with blood sugar control and mobilizing belly fat

  • Bursting with antioxidants to fight aging and help my sore muscles recover speedily!!

  • The perfect amount of calories. Low calorie so my body can fast and engage in autophagy (the clean up of dead cellular matter) without starving to death!

  • Portable. So I can bring the whole cleanse with me to work easy-peasy.



I loved this cleanse over the summer and was so stoked to cleanse in the days before NYE. No better way to help kick that Christmas-cookie-hangover than to de-bloat with a yummy Splendid Soup Cleanse!

I started my day with hot Carrot Tumeric Elixir at around 8am. It was surprisingly filling and super delicious. A great way to warm up after a chilly commute to work. The notes of coconut made this one of my favorite soups of the day.

Around 10:30am, I felt hungry again. Not super starving, but the electronic charting system was down at work so I kind of had nothing to do... so I heated up my Celery Plant Soup. This soup was yummy but definitely not as delicious as my 8am.



After seeing a million patients and running around the hospital like a lunatic, I finally got a chance to enjoy the cold Pumpkin Pear Hempseed soup around 1:30pm. I loved that this was so delicious served cold because cold soups are loaded with beneficial resistant starch. I think this was my favorite soup of the day. It was savory but sweet.

I headed to the gym around 3:30pm for a brief 30 minute heavy lifting session (5 sets: 115lb x8 deadlift, 5 sets: 70lb x10 lat pulldown, 5 sets 75lb x 20 hip thrusts, no cardio).



I didn't want to exert myself too hard since I was eating low calorie that day...and had a hair appointment to catch at 4:15pm! Before the workout, I ate an apple and 16 raw almonds. I felt super energetic and strong during the workout and never felt my energy dip even though I wasn't able to eat my next soup until 7pm!

I was actually really impressed with the satiety I experienced all day. I think besides actually feeling full, the cleanse helps reset your mindset. When temptation isn't an option (i.e. I know I am not allowed to grab a cookie for someone's bday celebration), its easy for you to really check in with your own relationship with hunger and cravings.



When I got home from my hair appointment at 7pm (holla at super red locks for the new year!!), I was pretty hungry. I sipped some warm vegan "bone" broth while I heated up my vegan Zucchini Puttanesca stew on the stove (thought it was funny to heat this up under my Bacon Makes Everything Better sign!). The broth was savory and really yummy considering I was frozen solid after walking home from the salon. Plus, it was nice to fill up on something as simple as broth before sitting down to slowly savor my dinner.



I went to bed feeling happy and full, but not stuffed. If there's one thing about me, I really struggle falling asleep when I'm you can rest assured that I would not be recommending the Cleanse if I didn't feel it was as satisfying as it is delicious and healthy for you!


All in all, I really enjoyed the Splendid Spoon Soup Cleanse! Besides the undeniable nutritional benefits, it was a delicious, hearty and filling cleanse. I woke up the next day sick with a cold, so I wasn't able to head to the gym, but I was not starving...and I could already tell some of the bloat from the attack-of-Christmas-cookies had subsided.


Have you tried Splendid Spoon before? What did you think?? I love their breakfast smoothies even more than I love their cleanse... if that's even possible!

FYI- This article contains affiliate links. You get $20 off your first order! And I get to know that I recommended you some of the yummiest, most nutrient rich meal delivery on the inter-webs!

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