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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

How awesome is 2018? I'm totally into it. And totally psyched to rock a new year, especially since I think I learned a ton of important lessons last year.

Ya see, I don't want to look at 2018 like a blank slate. Whether you had a cruddy year or a great year in 2017 doesn't matter; what matters is that you gained an entire year's worth of learning experiences that are bound to make it a tad easier for you to conquer your fears, resolve your resolutions and just become an overall better, healthier, smarter you.

And while everyone else is over the New Years pep-talks a mere 13 days in the new year, I wanted to keep it real with you... afterall, its still 2018!

In 2018, I want you to focus on MINDSET. Don't focus on a resolution. Focus on a mantra...focus on a frame of mind and allow it to permeate your life. I want this to be my year to FLOURISH with FOCUS. Focus on growing my private practice, growing my list of completed races, and growing my ass (hahaha, I bet you weren't expecting that, but I can't help I have suchhh Kardashian booty envy!).

And so far, I'm feeling pretty good. I have to say that in my "old age," I'm kind of into this whole New Year's resolution thang. That, and I think I'm motivated by the fact that I turn THIRTY this year, and I'm kind of wondering how close I am to all that I thought I'd achieve by thirty years old. My life is SO tremendously different than I ever imagined, but I live everyday with tremendous appreciation. All the heartbreak, the shortcomings, the mistakes of 2017, 2016, 2015... of all the moments before THIS moment are the reason I am so happy today.

I hate "new year, new you." Old you is such an incredibly valuable resource to be successful, happier and better in the new year.


Here's my goals for the year. The year I turn THIRTY (holy geeze!).

- Start racing consistently again! I felt such a thrill training for and racing in the Ted Corbitt last December. I miss being a runner.

- Teach nutrition in groups. I love public speaking. I thrive off the community and crowd dynamic. And I am so grateful to have The Running Lifestyle Show & Shake Yo Sugar Habit as platforms to teach large numbers of folks!

- Balance running with strengthening my glutes, hips and core on a regular basis. A huge part of why I never follow-through with racing is because I miss the gym. I need to learn how to balance the two.

- Be more mindful of spending. Specifically, I want to spend less on coffee, Ubers and alcohol.

- Accept that "my 30" looks different than the "30" my family expects or that I ever imagined...but its still badass and beautiful.

What are your goals? Need help following through?! Join my FREE facebook community and hang out with fellow real foodies!

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