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3 tips to help you train better in the heat

Have you ever felt frustrated or upset that running is so much harder when it starts to get warmer and you are confused as to why it is happening? I'm here to tell you that it is totally normal! I have 3 tips to help you get ready for summer running!

Tip #1 Lower your temperature before you go on a run

Now I know this may not be realistic but if you could take an ice pack or a cold towel (or even a cold shower) and put it on your neck to help cool down your core temperature. So why would we do this? It will be less intense for your body to acclimate to the outside temperature. If it's over 82 degrees the day you decide to run, this can definitely help you.

Tip #2 Not wiping the sweat off of your body

I will admit I am not good about doing this! When you are running and getting sweaty it is tempting to wipe it off your face or arms but it is really helping you! What I mean by that is it helping you to stay cool especially if it is not humid outside that sweat is going to keep you cooler. If you can resist to not wipe away the sweat it is going to help you work with your body and to help acclimate it to the heat.

Tip #3 Your body is going to take time to acclimate

So in general you can expect to be running a minute or so slower per mile as the temperature or humidity outside starts to rise. You body at this point has probably acclimated to running in 70 degree weather but the weather is still increasing so your body will still need time to acclimate when it starts to be 90 degrees outside. Give yourself permission to take a few weeks where it is going to be hard and keep going out there and practicing in the heat is the best way to acclimate.

So put that sunblock on, put a cap on your head and carry that hydration with you! If you still have questions click here and we can chat!


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