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A few tips to improve your training this season

I want to share with you these life changing training tips!! First I want you to think about what it would be like to run a really strong race this season. What feeling would you get if you accomplished that? Strong? Powerful? Obviously an important part of being able to do that is to be able to fuel your body for that race.

Not only do you need to have the right nutrition strategy but you also need to have the right self talk. I have found that when working with female athletes that nutrition is constantly impacting our self talk.

Do you ever feel



-have rules around food?

And because you have negative feelings around food...when you eat a "bad" food you start to spiral. Does that sound familiar? This prompts the mean self-talk.

Mean self talk brings us down and keeps us from believing in ourselves. This is why it is so important for us to understand nutrition and how foods work with our body. Food rules are very limiting and I want you to become limitless. Food Freedom Athletes not only understand how to fuel their bodies like an athlete but they know how to challenge and change that negative self talk to believe in themselves and their goals.

It's important to identify food rules or negative self-talk and to challenge it! This will help you grow as an athlete.

The second recommendation is to be aware of your fueling and to balance your plate like an athlete. Most female athletes are under-eating. Under eating can hinder your muscle growth and make recovery take longer. When you start to understand how nutrition works in your body, you can use food to your greatest ADVANTAGE. Going from under-fueled to food freedom makes all the difference in performance.

Food Freedom Athletes know this and on the starting line of their race they are confident that they are fueling enough and that their self talk is strong and positive. Let me tell you this is so much easier when you are not berating yourself over your food choices.

If you are training for a spring or fall race and are interested in becoming a Food Freedom Athlete, click here and let's chat!!


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