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After the longest run of training...

I ran 22 miles yesterday. That's the longest run I have ever run before a marathon (usually I tap out at 20 miles), but it felt important for me to get 22 miles under my belt this training cycle.

Because what comes next is maybe the hardest part of training. As you start to taper your long runs and reduce overall volume and intensity... the doubt creeps in.

Did you train hard enough?

Will those missed workouts bite you in the butt?

Are you really actually ready?!

You start comparing your training to your friends', to strangers' on facebook & to the mailman's LOL.... you start to talk yourself into aches & pains that really don't exist...

basically, you start to go crazy.

SOUND FAMILIAR? Oh, don't ya worry. These are the taper crazies!!! They affect us all.

Keeping tabs on your mindset is imperative. My coaching clients & I are working on RACE DAY VISUALIZATION this month. We are deep diving into the mindset of race day success because that's JUST as important as your physical training.

So I want to remind you that training is about more than just your body!!! It's about your mindset too! This is the time to TRUST THE TRAINING.

Tips to handle the TAPER CRAZIES

  • It helps to make a list of challenging things you've conquered before in your lifetime. What lessons did you learn from those hard times??? Even if those challenging times had nothing to do with running, you learned powerful lessons from them that will help you now.

  • Channel a mantra. Whatever you need to say to keep your mind focused and strong will work. I love to channel Joan of Arc, "I am not afraid. I was born to do this." Just a reminder that as a woman, I am strong enough to do ANYTHING.

  • Continue to nourish & feed your body. Decreasing mileage doesn't mean we start eating low carb - a hungry mind is an anxious mind. You don't need anything else spiking your anxiety right now, amiright?!

  • I know your mileage and overall intensity are decreasing right now, but you're still doing a lot of stuff to prepare. Take this time to pack your bags, make sure you have your race day outfits planned, stock up on sports nutrition, make a hotel reservation, plan to hang out with me at the Chicago Meet Up (hehe you can sign up here) - There's still lots to do & it's all JUST as important as running!!

Know that you're not alone. Feeling a little nervous/unsettled these last few weeks of training is totally normal! You're just a human being living the human experience :) And that's okay!

Head to my free facebook community & let me know what you're doing to handle the TAPER CRAZIES in stride!


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