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Are you still under-eating even though you know better??

Do you ever over eat at a party? Like by the time you leave you are just feeling stuffed and wanting to unbutton your pants? Then Monday rolls around and you start to under eat because of how you felt over the weekend. Under eating and restricting doesn't work but you know this as an athlete, you know it jeopardizes your energy levels, your recovery and it is not making you feel as good as you can feel. You know this!

But you keep doing it, you keep staying stuck and under eating. The fear is (generally) that if you are eating enough you will gain weight and your body will change...and that is terrifying that your body could change. Let's shift your focus from how to control your body size to how to feel good in your body.

How lovely would it feel to feel good in your body? What does that really mean though? If you are feeling good in your body when you wake up in the morning you have a plan to fuel your run, you know what is going to make you feel ready for this workout. Then when you come home and are hungry, you have a plan for what you are going make for a post workout meal that is going to boost your recovery and your energy.

Feeling better in your skin means making choices that actually feel good for you and make you feel more energetic. When you feel good in your skin you are not looking forward to cheating on your diet or a holiday where you can eat until you are feeling stuffed. When you feel good in your skin you can start to feel calm around food and in touch with what your body needs from you.

Interested in wanting to know how to get in touch with your body? Click here and lets see if Food Freedom Fit Fam is a good fit for you!


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