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Banana Protein Pancakes

Whenever I am home alone from work, I ALWAYS make myself pancakes. There's something truly special about savoring a slow, hardy breakfast; since breakfast is so often something quick in the morning, eaten while reviewing patient notes.... like Banana Cacao Breakfast Pudding.

And as much as I think I could blissfully live on a diet of lentils, yogurt, chia seed pudding and other pureed-foods; it is nice to sit down and chew your breakfast sometimes.


Which brings us to pancakes. I think its a childhood-nostalgia kind of thing. My mom used to make the MOST delicious ugly-pancakes loaded with whole grains and bananas and nuts and honey. They were never round circles, they were always super thick (almost like dense cake), and insanely filling. Pancakes remind me of eating in front of the TV with odd-ball shaped pancakes, orange juice and random Cartoon Network shows. Still, to this day, my mom will make my youngest sister and I pancakes when we are home. Now served at the table (because we are so grown up) with black coffee (because... gotta cut out sugar somewhere, right!?). 

Now... my high protein banana pancakes are WAY lower in sugar and LOADED with protein. These are actually a really incredible post-workout breakfast since there's protein and carb in them to replenish muscles. And... most importantly.... they taste DIVINE with a cup of coffee. I topped mine with honey and pecans, but you really could legit eat them solo since the banana makes them so sweet.

Give 'em a try and lemme know what you think!


Banana Protein Pancakes

serves 2 hungry people (makes about 12 small pancakes total, 6 per person)


- 1/2 cup oats (I used a pre-ground up brand mixed with flax, but you can just blend your own in the blender)

- 2 eggs 

- 1 banana (extra for garnish if desired)

- 6 oz plain Greek yogurt

- 1/2 teaspoon baking powder

- 1 teaspoon cinnamon


1. Heat banana in the microwave for 30 seconds or blend it til smooth. Alternatively, if you're lazy, you can mash it well. No judgement for laziness, the batter just may be a bit lumpy!

2. In a mixing bowl, combine oats, eggs, banana, yogurt. Miz well, then add the dry ingredients: baking powder and cinnamon. Mix until combined, do not over mix.

3. Heat pan over medium heat - preferably using a non-stick pan.

4. When hot, use 1/4 cup to create small pancakes, use the back of a spoon to flatten and spread. 

5. Cook each pancake for 40 seconds on one side, 25-30 seconds on the flip-side.

6. Enjoy!! 


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