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Beat the Belly Bloat

If there's one thing I can say about the summer of 2017 its this: FUN.

I have been having the most incredible summer. Since my youngest sister has returned home to Jersey from college, it has been weekend after weekend of beaching, boating, fishing and bbq'ing. If there's one thing you need to know about me, its that I truly believe healthy living and living your life can be done in unison. 

Achieving a calorie deficit or fat loss during a summer of "dietary indiscretion" may be difficult, but for those who are merely looking to maintain fitness/leanness, I think its possible to balance choices to feel A-okay overall.

So how do I do it?!

During the week, I stick to routine. Monday through Friday, I am all about early 5:30am fasted lifting circuits or heavy lifting regimens. I eat a huge salad for lunch daily (when its hot outside, cold salad is just what I'm craving), snack on fruit or high protein edamame/Ostrim bars, and have a clean dinner. I practice intermittent fasting, breaking my fast at 11am and stop eating after 8pm. I try not to drink alcohol or eat dessert during the week. I eat lots of vegetables and drink tons of tea. Basically, I make "sacrifices" during the week to accomodate the fact that I've been lazier, off schedule, drinking alcohol and eating bbq on the weekends.

I have not been perfect, but I have been having fun. I love my body enough to know that come Monday, I am worth getting right back on track. Self-love and understanding that there is an ebb and flow to life's priorities make healthy living a sustainable way of living for me.

All the self love in the world though cannot undo the bloating effects of barbecues, restaurant food/take-out, alcoholic beverages and hours of tanning or exercising in the sun.Sure, that water bloat is temporary, but waking up bloated and puffy on Monday makes it a little more difficult to mentally want to jump back into your clean routine. I get that.

So I wanted to share with you my top tips for beating belly bloat, as well as a 3 ingredient smoothie with powerful de-bloating powers. Check out my best tips in my facebook live video!

In the video I discuss:

1. The importance of consuming enough potassium to balance excessive salt intake

2. The important of consuming enough water (& a trick to help you make sure you're drinking enough!)

3. The best kind of fiber to manage bloat (& which foods to eat to find it)

4. The importance of self-love. There is no room for guilt in your life!



Three Ingredient Beat the Bloat Smoothie

1 banana, preferably frozen

1/2 avocado

8 ounces unsweetened coconut milk or water

1. Blend together in a food processor. If you are not using a frozen banana, add ice to desired consistency.

2. Drink up!


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