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Calorie Free, Sweet & the Delicious 3pm Pick Me Up


Whoever thinks tea time is only for the winter has lost their dayum mind.

Me thinks tea time is a year round event. 

When 3 pm rolls around, and I'm stuck at work a few hours after lunch, I usually find that some kind of feeling reminiscent of hunger starts to lurk.

I ask myself, the age ole question, "Am I hungry enough to eat chicken and broccoli right now?" Um, no. I'm not actually hungry, I'm bored and tired and seeking a diversion.

Now the best thing to do in this situation is actually to avoid anything involving food. Chewing gum, drinking tea, eating a non-starchy veggie are not going to make you chubbier or unhealthy, but they will reinforce a bad habit of linking non-hunger cues to putting something in yo' piehole.

So, if you're able, go on a walk. Chat up a co-worker. Call a pal. Go outside for a few minutes. Lock yourself in the bathroom and do twenty jumping jacks. Just give yourself a little break from whereever you were and whatever you were doing when the non-hunger-hunger reared its ugly head. What you really want is a distraction, not food.

That said, I'm a realist. I know all ya'll are thinking I'm craz-ay and don't understand that you ABSOLUTELY cannot find a spare moment to do anything at 3pm other than work, work, work, work, work (obvi, sing this to the tune of Rihanna). DUDE, I FEEL YA.

So, for those of us who sometimes have to cave into bad habits,I do want to gently remind you that cold tea is SO delicious. I mean, so is hot tea, but since I live in NYC and summer has finally arrived, I wanted to talk about my fave thing ever: tea spritzers.

Whoever said that tea has to be steeped in hot water was probably way less lazy than I am. I steep my tea bags in cold water, preferably in cold seltzer water.

Ahhhh, there are NO WORDS for how much I love cold tea spritzers. Let's discuss.


Cold licorice tea in seltzeris amazing when 3pm hits. Its sweet and calorie free and tastes like candy.

Cold chamomile teais delightful before bed on a hot summer night. It annihilates the night time munchies and calms you before bed.

Cold peppermint orange citrus tea in seltzer is basically orange soda. Except its not. Because its great for you. 

Cold peppermint tea crushes cravings. The peppermint actually suppresses appetite. If its early in the day,try a green peppermint teasince the caffeine will doubly suppress appetite.


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