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Carrot Cake Overnight Oats

Half marathon training has been going really well. I am finally finally learning how to take easy days easy and hard days hard. Its been really challenging to slow down on "easy days," unless I am on the dreadmill. I've found that I actually find it easier to run on the treadmill at a slower pace. I put on a good podcast, put the treadmill on "rolling hills" mode and zone out.

Also, it helps that my plan was created just FOR me by a really super nice dude with oer 35 years of running experience.... and I do not want to let him down. Its always been really easy for me to just skip workouts and mess around with Hal Higdon's plans because obviously I have never met good ole' Hal, but knowing the person who created your plan makes it really hard to not put your heart and soul into the recommendations. I'm lovin' my Be the Runner Training Plan fo' sho'!

Last weekend I did my first long run of the training cycle : an 8 mile run and this week I did my first tempo run (4 miles total with 2 fast miles sandwiched in there). The tempo run was challenging, but alas, that's why I'm training.

I actually feel sort of confident about this training cycle. Like I believe maybe I actually will break 1:29 in the half. Not sure why, lol, I just have a weird feeling!

Its bizarre how badly I want to use the "shrug" emoji right now, and the fact that I cannot is truly frustrating.

In other news, I am trying out my first ever ClassPass today!! My beloved roomie and I are taking a Kettlebells class and I am REALLY excited. I freakin' LOVE me some Kettlebells.

Anyways, all the training has left me happy and hungry... and its been super important that I follow three simple rules to STAY FULL during this super active training period! Want to know the secret? You'll just have to sign up for my FREE MASTERCLASS on 1/15 at 8pm EST to tune into: For the Always Hungry Athlete: How to Stay Fuller Longer During Training. Register for free today and show up live cause there's an AMAZING bonus to those of you who tune in live.

While I anxiously await Masterclass Day, I wanted to share with you a REALLY delicious way to sneak veggies in the morning. Guys, this recipe is REALLY yummy (especially when paired with hot coffee).


Carrot Cake Overnight Oats

serves 2



1/3 cup carrots, chopped small or food processed (I used shredded carrots which I further chopped)

1 cup oats

2 tablespoons maple syrup *

1/2 cup plain Greek yogurt**

1 teaspoon cinnamon or all spice

2 tablespoons chia seeds ***

1 1/4 cups of unswettened almond milk

1. Combine all the ingredients except chia seeds in a large tupperware. Mix well.

2. Add chia seeds and close the lid to the tupperware. Mix vigorously to combine chia seeds.

3. Let gel for a minimum of 4 hours.

* If you prefer to make this sweetener free, I recommend blending a banana or 4 dates with your almond milk before mixing.

** May sub with a scoop of protein powder or Kite Hill Dairy Free Greek Yogurt

*** Don't have time to gel overnight? That's fine. Omit the chia seeds


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