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Do vitamin, mineral and fiber rich carbs really make a difference for us runners?

Healthy is not black and white. Society has conditioned us to think that having a piece of candy instead of having a sweet potato is bad. Honestly, if you are about to go for a long run a piece of candy can deliver the energy you need and cause less GI issues than the sweet potato.

There cannot be a blanket statement for everyone saying "do this and not that," the reality is that we all function differently so we need to look at the individual and find what is healthiest for them.

When you get hungry do you resent your body?

Do you get angry at your body?

Do you get stressed out over what to eat?

You may be doing more harm to your body by focusing on these things! Stress is detrimental to your health. Hunger and cravings are natural parts of the human condition. Creating a food scape that causes you to feel constant resentment at yourself for having hunger or cravings does NOT contribute to your health.

If you are craving a brownie it is actually better for your stress levels to just eat the brownie and move on (the key here is not making yourself feel guilty for eating it).

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