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Do you get mad at yourself for "running so slowly?"

Heyoooo! I have been putting in some serious base milezzz lately which has meant lots of slow & steady miles. And while I totally abandoned low heart rate training a few weeks into marathon training (I'm not proud of this!), I did learn a really valuable lesson from my weeks of LHR method... it is much easier to recover & build endurance when you are running EASY.

In fact, I think the most interesting take-away as a reformed "I run everyday at 80% or more intensity" addict is that running easy has made it SO POSSIBLE to add strength training to my running routine. Instead of feeling frustrated that lifting lower body made me too sore to run fast, I embrace it. The strength training is a necessity, and I am more than happy to slow down to accommodate it.

That said... I have twenty years of running under my belt, and I know a lot of you started running more recently than that ... maybe even during quarantine?! And you're excited by the appeal of running fast! You want to challenge and change your body - and you think that means FAST RUNNING is better than running slowly.

Listen. I get it. I FREAKING LOVE THE TRACK. I love speedwork. But as a running coach, as a runner of 20 years & countin', we gotta give ya a little reality check.

Slow running is NECESSARY. It helps your endurance. And in the beginning of a training cycle, those slow & steady miles are adding mitochondria to your legs, converting your muscle fibers to the type that help you run long, improving blood flow to your legs by increasing capillary density.

Your slow runs aren't a testament to the fact that "you're slow" or "you're fat" or "you're out of shape." They're simply a testament to the fact that you're training smart.

Stop beating yourself up. Embrace all the stages of training. They're all fun & painful in their own unique ways! LOL! If this was helpful - head to my free facebook group & let me know! <3


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