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Fueling for menopausal or perimenopausal

Let's talk about how menopause or perimenopause affects an active woman's need for carbohydrates. Some women have been told to cut back on the carbs or not to have them at all. What do you think this does to your brain? It sets in the scarcity mindset. Which means if you are telling your brain something is off limits you are going to start craving it more.

A common reason menopausal and perimenopausal women restrict carbohydrates is because they dislike the fat deposition that is happening around their midsection, which is a natural part of menopause "setting in." So when you are restricting carbs not only are you setting yourself up to binge eat them eventually but when you are low carb you are spiking the cortisol levels in your body (which is your stress hormone) which leads to more fat deposition around your midsection.

What can you do instead?

What I teach my athletes in Food Freedom Fit Fam is how to have a good relationship with food so that they don't binge eat. They also learn how to set up their plate so they feel fuller longer and really support a healthy relationship with carbs. We also talk about blood sugar balance and how to set up their plate in a way that helps to make sure that their plate of carbohydrates is feeding their athletic performance.

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