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How to Activate Your Body's Built-in MyFitnessPal

What's myfitnesspal? It is a calorie counting app that helps you to control your weight. But I tell my clients all the time we don't need to control our weight because...

We have a built-in myfitnesspal (MFP)!

So let's talk about the calorie counting equation that MFP uses to control your weight... I went to two Ivy league schools for nutrition and did you know that the equation we use to estimate calorie needs is wrong 50-80% of the time? Basically, the equation stinks.

Which is why it makes sense to just trust that your body knows what it's doing better than your phone's app...

When we eat there is a cascade of stuff that happens. The hormones regulate fullness or send messages to your brain that you are still hungry. It is so important to know that you cannot trick this system. Your body is alive and is smart. If you eat a big salad and are still hungry just an hour later, it's because your body knows it didn't get the energy it needed from that salad.

These hormones are working to help your weight stay within a certain range which is called your set point weight. When you were born your genetics told your body that you are healthiest between weight x and weight y. It is difficult because our body's set point is not always in line with what society may dictate as 'ideal.' Instead, society has taught us that we need to be as thin as possible, a weight set that most women are not healthiest achieving. But when we can trust our body to control our weight within our set point and we do the mental work to undo what society has told us we can find food freedom!

Doesn't that sound better than counting calories (which are probably not even correct) for the rest of your life? If you are interested in learning more about Food Freedom Fit Fam click here and let's chat!


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