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How to feel like you BELONG on the starting line

Let's talk about your next race (maybe a turkey trot, half marathon, marathon or 5k!!). I want to give you a tip to help you feel like you belong at your next race. So often I find that women will be racing or training, they have the shoes and the gels, their nutrition right, and they show up to the starting line and look around and think..., "Do I belong here?" "Is everyone staring at me?" "Is everyone thinking, what is this lady doing here on the starting line?"

Can you relate to that feeling?

I can! That feeling is the feeling of someone who lacks confidence in themselves.

I'm here to pose the question - what if we stopped running to prove something to OTHER people? What if we stopped focusing on others & focused on our own journey?

Easier said than done - I know.

So let's talk about your INNER SELF TALK. If you have an upcoming race, visualization is so important! Whether you are a seasoned runner or a brand new runner, you should be practicing visualization. In the nutrition coaching I do with Food Freedom Fit Fam, we do not just focus on food and nutrition. We focus on mindset, nervous system, rewiring the brain, food and digestion. It is a holistic system. That's because when you show up to the starting line, it's not just your legs or feet that show up, you have your WHOLE BODY out there with ya - your mind included! And it's that mental grit that needs to show up for the race. You need to have your mindset right, you need to have your belief.

Let's talk about belief. Let's talk about an incredible food freedom athlete, Rachel, and the incredible belief she found within herself after finding food freedom.

Rachel is a mom of two little boys, she has a business, she is a runner. She had been a runner for 10 years before joining Food Freedom Fit Fam. And Rachel shared a very pivotal quote recently, she said, "Strength is the capacity of an object or substance to withstand great force for pressure."

How does running put pressure on you?

It puts pressure on your schedule because you need to carve out time and energy to show up for your workouts. It puts pressure on your mindset because now you are telling yourself or other people that you are going to accomplish a great thing. And now you are putting pressure on yourself to actually do that thing. It puts pressure on yourself because a lot of us as women in society that have been told that there is a pressure to look a certain way to be a runner. I am 5'2" and I have been told, "Oh you don't look like a runner." Maybe you can relate to being told you don't look like a runner? That turns into an internalized pressure to look a certain way to be a runner. And guess what? You need strength do deal with that.

How does food freedom bring you strength?

So when Rachel joined FFFF she was struggling with the cycle of dieting. She had been dieting her whole life. She was constantly in this cycle of getting injured, dieting, pushing too hard, working too hard, getting burnt out and starting over again. Can you relate to this cycle!? If this sounds like you, I just want to tell you that you have strength! It's tough to start over and over. It's exhausting. How are you harnessing that strength to make the best version of yourself? Imagine if instead of starting over and over, you could just learn to accept your body & learn how to optimize it with food freedom.

The awesome Rachel!!!

That's what Food Freedom Fit Fam does for you!

Rachel received messages that she did not look like a runner, that she didn't belong on the starting line. She found food freedom & started to accept the idea that athletic bodies have many forms. She realized that feeling nourished and fed makes her feel strong and powerful. She realized that a lot of the diet culture messages she had been practicing since she was a teenager had never served her or helped her become the strongest version of herself. It had never taught her how to handle "the pressure."

You may think you need a diet. However, I would suggest that you NEED to adjust your mindset so that you can start to listen to your body and trust your body and not constantly be comparing yourself to the other people on the starting line. You need to start learning how to trust your own inner wisdom, we know how to feed ourselves. So Rachel started to work on her mindset.

Rachel stopped pushing herself too hard and started training smart. When her body was screaming for rest, instead of judging herself and feeling like she wasn't working hard enough, she learned how to reframe that. She would say, "This is a power! My body is speaking to me, let me listen to it!" She developed confidence that no matter how her body looks she is a runner! In Food Freedom Fit Fam, we focus on making the WHOLE body stronger... including your self-talk. Nothing positive comes from negative thoughts. Rachel showed up at her starting line and looked around and said, "I belong here, these are my people! This body that I have is a runner's body!"

She felt strength and that strength has poured into other parts of her life. She is a better mom, she doesn't have this extra stress about planning "perfect" meals or food. She has peace of mind when she is around food and because of that she can be more present with her children. She knew how to fuel herself for her marathon. she uses that strength to show up for her clothing business. She uses that strength to show up for her life! Rachel has inspired me! I am so proud of her! She has strength in so many ways now!

I highly recommend checking out her brand here! Her clothes are amazing! Mostly I just want you to be inspired by her! If she can find the time to do Food Freedom Fit Fam with have two little kids and run a business and change her life by stop binge eating, train for a marathon, start changing her self talk and having that mental can do it too!

We are closing doors next week for the last time in 2021. So if you are curious or have questions click here and we can see if this the right fit for you. There is nothing stopping you from finding that strength and feeling like you belong on that starting line because YOU DO!! The only thing you need to change is your self talk. Food Freedom Fit Fam has proven that's what we do together as we are learning nutrition to help uplift you and give you that confidence so that you can show up for yourself feeling like the strong powerful athlete that you are. And that's what you really want...isn't it?


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