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How to Listen to Your Body

Teaching food freedom, also known as intuitive eating, has been one of the most fulfilling and incredible things I have ever done! Did you know that there are zero diet rules in intuitive eating? There are no good or bad foods! Which sounds great... but probably also sound scary!

Food Freedom Fit Fam uses a four question framework to help guide you back to your intuition.

Have you ever noticed a kid will stop eating half way through a chicken nugget?

They stop when they feel full. And... you have that intuition inside of you too! The reason you don't follow that intuition is because your judgement has been clouded by diet rules. When you join Food Freedom Fit Fam, you first focus on the first two questions to tear down everything and start fresh.

Food Freedom is like building your dream home...

Think of it this way. It's like trying to build a house in a dense forest, there is just no room. So we have to start tearing down the trees to make room for your home. The first two questions of the four question framework help you learn how to knock down the trees (or food rule) so you can finally make space to come home to the intuition of your body.

When I used to think about hunger, I would become paralyzed with fear. Always wondering is this the healthiest, lowest calorie, most protein, best choice for me?! I was so stressed out about food! BUT NOW, food feels safe, it feels like the best self care I can do for myself. After you start to feel comfortable with those first two questions and there is "room for you build your home!" And this is the exciting part because we start to personalize the process to you and your experience. We will "build" it the way it needs to be built so that you can feel safe and happy. Each intuitive eaters dream home will look different.

At this point, you add the last two questions and ask start to ask yourself all four questions when eating. These second two questions is where you start to "build the home" and personalize it. The last two questions will help you to start feeling safe and at ease and good about your body's cravings and hunger.

You should feel at home in your body. You deserve to have body trust.

The Four Question Framework makes it simple to reconnect with your body. Food Freedom Fit Fam is here to help support you in a community of people to guide you back to your intuition.

Want to learn more about Food Freedom Fit Fam? Click here and we can chat!


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