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If you can't eat something healthy, should you just wait to eat later?

Picture this: you are running around like a crazy person and there is nothing to eat because your kids or spouse ate all the leftovers or you are exhausted and you don't feel like cooking. So what do you do? Is it better to just wait to eat something healthy? Or is it important to eat?

I'm here to tell you that all the food that gets broken down in your body looks the same!! Your body works really hard to break down the food you eat into carbohydrates or triglycerides and other things so when it gets into your blood stream you body doesn't know what you ate to begin with. Now I am not saying that a piece of broccoli and an Airhead are the same thing...because they just are not!

What I am saying is that if you put off eating until there is something healthy you are not listening to your body, you are putting rules around what food is "good" and "bad." It is also not a lack of willpower around food, you are just hungry! Biology is always going to win here!

Remember food is not good or bad, it all breaks down into all the same little teeny tiny pieces into our blood stream. So if you are hungry and all you have is "bad" food? Guess what you are eating..."bad" food! You have to eat when you are hungry! You need to honor those cravings.

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