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It's Marathon Race Week!

Let's talk about hydration, cramping and fueling!

Hydration: If you are training for a race check to see if you can wear a hydration vest or not. I am running in the Chicago Marathon and I am not allowed to wear one. So I am wearing a hydration belt. I sweat a lot and it is going to be humid and hot. I don't want to rely on taking the water off the course. I don't want to get behind my hydration. In my opinion it is worth the annoyance of the extra weight to make sure you are not getting dehydrated. I am also making sure to drink enough water the week leading up to my race, especially since I am getting on a plane and flying. You can get dehydrated easily in the air so make sure to bring a water bottle on the plane.

Cramping: If you feel a cramp when we are running, you can start to walk. Slowing down a little bit to save you in the long term is a great idea. When we are walking you want to assess your posture you want to bring our shoulders back, feel our butt engaging and feel our legs strengthening. You want your posture to feel comfortable. You want to make sure you are not hunching over. Shuffling your feet can help with cramping as well! Take deep breaths!

Fueling: When you are taking your fuel in for your race you are aiming for 30-60 carbohydrates per hour. I am storing mine in the pockets of my race shorts, my sports bra has pockets and in my hydration pack. I am also going to be taking salt sticks ever 20-30 minutes since I cannot wear my hydration vest during my race.

Want more information on fueling for your race? Click here for my FREE carb loading guide!

Still have race day nerves? Plan your race day outfit, count how much fuel you need and pack it in your bag (if your race is out of town) and figure how much water you need!

Are you training for a race too? Then be sure to head over to my free Facebook community & hang out with fellow runners! You can join by clicking here.


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