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Let's GET READY for Spring Race Training

Are you training for a spring race? I am! I am training for the Philadelphia Love Half Marathon.

So let's talk about three super simple things to focus on for the start of your spring training cycle. There may be a way to maximize your performance gains and maximize how you do and perform in the training cycle by simply making really tiny shifts and being really intentional about small things you are choosing to do on a daily basis.

What to focus on during WEEK ONE of your training:

During week one, focus on getting real with your training cycle. In the early days of training , look at your schedule and make sure your training cycle is REALISTIC for your lifestyle. If your training plan is 4x 1 hour workouts a week, how will you rearrange your schedule to ensure those workouts get done? Do this NOW instead of just taking it as it comes!

Now that you have picked a training plan you need to trust the training! What this means is to commit to following the plan as-is. Do not push yourself on easy days or tack on extra mileage just because you feel good.

The last thing to master during these early days of training is hydration!! You need to be increasing your water intake while training. You need to figure out how much water you are drinking right now and if its not at least half your body weight in ounces... well, you have a lot of work to do! :)

Pick a water bottle you like, me personally I like my 40 ounce water bottle. I don't like to fill it up very often, but pick what is going to work best for you, know how many ounces it is and have a goal of how much you are going to drink each day. We have high hydration needs as athletes especially because we are working out and training.

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