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MARATHON MONDAYS - Is all the sugar in gels bad for you? What are some alternative to gels?

Fall races are still prettyyyy far in the future, but the reason we are talking about 'em now is because we know that practice makes perfect. And that may be the MOST true for a fueling strategy.

Whether you're training for a fall half, full or ultra marathon... eating + running is not a natural combination. GI issues such as diarrhea, cramping or nausea mid-run are common because digestion is compromised during performance.

Luckily, we can train our gut to tolerate nutrition during and before our performance, and having the right nutrient strategy will help enhance performance, recovery & control appetite.

So let's tackle the question I always get which is "Is it HEALTHY to eat alll that sugar from gels?!" Here's the thing - yes and no. If you know what you're doing & timing your gels correctly, then those gels are going to help you improve performance, stabilize appetite & the sugar gets used by the muscles pretty immediately. When sugar is burned for fuel, its not "bad for you," its helping you do a job (running fast/far/etc).

That said, taste fatigue is REAL. Eating 5, 6, 7, etc of those sugary globby gels can be super gross just because.... who wants allll that sweetness?!?!

Which is why I work with my athletes to make sure their plan is customized to prevent taste fatigue & support their goals. A half marathoners plan is different than an ultra runners, and a Galloway runner needs a different plan than a sub 3 hr marathoner. Ya know?!

Ultimately, ya gotta find what works FOR YOU & give yourself PERMISSION to eat the dang food to fuel your performance.

Watch the above video & if you're feeling the need for extra support as you figure out your fueling plan, feel free to set up a totally free phone call to talk about your goals!!


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