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More Protein. No Powder Required.


Protein at every meal is a great way to recover after a hard workout, activate muscle-protein synthesis (which helps rev metabolism), and prevents blood sugar from dipping too low (keeps the hangry monster away). However, many people struggle to eat enough protein in their diet.


When ya look at your plate, try and eat your protein rich food first.Filling up on the protein first helps give your brain a hot-sec to register that you are in the process of eating & hopefully helps you eat the perfect amount of food to sate your appetite. Starting with the carb first may increase hunger and lead to overeating. Plus, we all know its easy to sneak in an extra bite of potato or rice; its that extra bite of steak or fish that usually seems less appetizing as you start to get full. Eat your protein first. 

Sneaking in protein is another awesome way to boost protein intake.Scramble eggs into your oatmeal or rice. Top toast with high protein, low fat powdered peanutbutter. Toss extra chicken into your soup or stew. Add lentils to a salad. Instead of making protein a separate part of your meal, incorporate it into the starch to make it an easy way to "sneak" it in!


Ultimately, more protein leads to a flatter tummy, less overeating and faster recovery for athletes. Choose portions of meat or fish that are approximately the size of your palm, about 3/4 cup Greek yogurt, 2-3 ounces of cheese or 3/4 cup of legumes to get enough protein at your next meal!


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