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My Fave Strength Training Programs for Runners

I'm not like most runners. I'm a weird runner who actually loves the gym.

But I was not always like this. I used to hate the gym, hated the "boy part" of the gym with all the weights, and felt super intimidated by all the equipment. Plus, I hated trading time in the gym for time outside running.

What changed?

Well, I got really, really injured for the umpteenth time in 2015. After going to PT, I was sent in my merry way to a gym to rehab and I realized the gym was a great way to get an endorphin high while I was waiting to heal. At that time, I started lifting heavy things and realized that lifting is actually really fun.

Flash forward to today. I now can honeslty say I LOVE lifting as much as I love running. The problem is that I find it difficult to balance lifting and running because lifting creates soreness and muscle fatigue. Its been a struggle to find a lifting program that allows me to run while still being challenging and fun enough to interest my regular participation.

So after years of trying different programs, I have two awesome recommendations to share with you today!! They both combine high intensity, light weight/body weight training to help you become stronger, but when done on the reg, these programs will not leave you SO sore that your legs are incapacitated for days. I can't wait for you guys to try them and tell me all about your experience (DM me on Instagram, puhlease!).

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The Ironstrength Workout

by Dr Jordan Metzl

This one is my original fave. I bought The Running Strong book YEARS ago in 2015 and I still use this workout on the reg. I am totally convinced this workout is the reason I am hardly ever injured nowadays (cause your girl was injured like every other month back in her highschool through post-college years!).

The workout takes about 50 minutes and it is brutal but SO FUN. When I first started doing it, I had to modify EVERYTHING. It's that hard!!! The best part is that even though this is definitely a strength workout, it definitely keeps your heartrate up, so you can almost trick your brain into thinking its a cardio session. The workout is incredible because it was specifically designed by a runner (holla at Dr J) for runners!! The workout strengthens all the muscles you need to stay strong and speedy throughout your running career.

Also...the workout guides you through a foam rolling sequence afterwards to really truly provide your bod with the TLC it needs to stay strong and injury free. I can promise you that after four years of doing this workout that it is one of my absolute faves.

Plus, once you buy the book, its totally free to do whenever/wherever. My copy actually resides in my gym bag.


by Tara Laferrara

For those of you who are looking for guided videos and like to mix it up rather than doing the same workout repeatedly, I cannot say enough amazing things abut The TL Method.

Ya guys, first of all, the creator, Tara, is such a gem of a person, and I love that when you subscribe to her workouts you also get the opportunity to connect with her. She's just the real deal, so chill and down to earth, and super ripped. I basically want to be her when I grow up (even though she's younger than me!).

I started adding TL Method workouts to my weekly routine 2-3x a week back in March. And while I have not been a member of her program for very long, I can safely say that it is an AMAZING program that works very well for runners.

Every week she sends the community a week of workouts including a mobility day where she gives you stretches and movement to open-up and lengthen muscles. She also has an awesome "runner's yoga" flow that I love doing after track workouts on Tuesday as I procrastinate going to work.

Most importantly, most of her workouts are quick (like <35 minutes) and keep your heartrate up so you feel like you're doing a cardio workout!! I love that she offers "full body" workouts several times a week because I find that I can easily recover from "full body" workouts in time to still get my weekly runs in. When you join, you get access to all the past workouts too, so you can peruse and pick your faves.. and you'll never ever be bored.

Lemme know if you join!!


Are you a runner who loves to lift? What program do you use for strength training??


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