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Popular Brooklyn Half Marathon Review

I can't believe my birthday has passed... and the Brooklyn Half Marathon is over!! Summer is OFFICIALLY here. And while this time of year usually signifies slowing down for me... I am super busy right now searching for my next apartment. And ya know homegirl wants an Instagram worthy kitchen (in NYC... so we shall see how THAT works out!).

Anyway, we had a lot of fun on IGTV last week talking about the BK Half! So I wanted to give you guys a formal review of this race SINCE its my absolute favorite race! This was my sixth Brooklyn Half Marathon (I started running it in 2013), and every year I love the race for a totally different reason. The weather is always different which always changes whether I run this race as fast as I can or if I just run it for fun.

Since the weather was sunny and hot this year, I didn't take it too seriously. I haven't been training much since my trip to New Orleans in early May, and so I'm trying not to focus on my time (1:36.48) and instead enjoy that the day was super fun!

The Starting Line

I love this starting line becasue there are portapotties IN the corral. If you have never run a big race like this, then this may not seem like a big deal, but for me its HUGE. I love that I can wait in line for the bathroom WHILE waiting for the start line.

I do recommend you get to your corral early to beat the long lines that form IN the corral to use it before the start, but... I will say... this year I was actually IN the portapotty when the starting gun went off...and it wasn't a big deal! I just left the portapotty and started the race. No stress!

Um, besides my bathroom obsession, this race is LOADED with great energy. I loved bumping into fellow South Brooklyn Running Club members as I waited for the start!

The Course

I really love this course. The most challenging part of the course is mile 5!! When your legs are still fresh!

I was worried about the temperature this year, but the race was still mostly in the shade from miles 1-9. The first 6.5ish miles are basically around the perimeter of Prospect Park or in Prospect Park with plenty of shade. Since that's my home turf, that part of the race always feels like I'm just on a casual run. There's something very comforting about it.

Yeah, sure, the hill in Prospect Park is not fun. But I'm used to it! And was very fortunate to have my fantastic running club at the top of the hill cheering me on.

This race always kinda "falls apart" for me on the Eastern Parkway. Its a SUPER awesome experience to run the parkway without any cars. I loveee running under the overpasses (and I always emit a little "woot woot!" which NO ONE responds to because I love the echo!) and I also mentally love running in a straight line! Of course, miles 10+ of a half marathon are always challenging cause you're tired...but I find that when its hot and sunny, this part of the race is super difficult for me. The blacktop absorbs the sunlight and there's minimal shade and its just HOT.

The Finish

Despite the hot miles 9-12, its all worth it because finishing in Coney Island is THE BEST. The boardwalk finish reminds me of New Jersey... the energy from the music & the crowd are just INFECTIOUS...and I finishing a race on a beach when its nearly 80F is pretty fabulous! I love this race sooo much. And cannot recommend it enough.

Plus, the bling is pretty fun too!


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