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Race Week Tips & Tricks


Are you running the NYC Half?!

Cause if you areeee... then ya better email me and let me know! I am going to be at the Flatbush/Grand Army fluid station handing out water with the South Brooklyn Running Club (between mile 2 & 3) and I would dieee of joy if I spot ya!

So let me know if you're running!

What should you do this week before the race?

First of all, I just have to say - YOU ARE IN FOR A TREAT! It's the best course. I literally cried last year in Times Square... the energy, the course itself, the gratitude I have for my body.. it overwhelmed me with absolute joy! This year it is bound to be warmer than last year's race so you can bet your booty you are going to have the best race ever!

This week should be about REST and preparing for the big day!! A few days before the race, your plan will probably call for a short track or speed workout just to open up the legs. Be sure to choose a high protein, high carb meal rich in antioxidants after that workout! Its really important that you are well rested afterwards!

And thennnn... 72 hours before the big day... we can start carb loading! Woot woot!! Three days before the race it's important that you

  1. Avoid any new foods that you've never eaten before

  2. Optimize your hydration by sipping on coconut water, water and or Nuun Hydration tablets

  3. Consider starting a Carb Loading Plan!

Okayyyyy... so carb loading is ACTUALLY something you should practice before doing it on race day, but let's talk about it since I have your attention! This is a great blog post ALL about carb loading! If this race is more of a training run than a hardcore race, then maybe give it a try.

What about my race week superstitions?

Well, well, well... here are some things I do race week that are less validated by science and more so just things I do!

Since I know that its hard for me to get enough sleep the night before the race (I'm always SO excited PLUS you usually have to wake up super early!), I make sure to get a great night's sleep 48 hours beforehand!

I reduce the fiber in my diet for around 36 hours before the race by reducing my intake of veggies, nuts/seeds, or high fiber grains. Of course, the goal here isn't to get constipated, but just to reduce the chance of having GI issues on race day.

I drink hot tea or water with lemon before bed the night before the race. This increases peristalsis which helps your body push food through the digestive system overnight so hopefully you can "empty out" race day morning.

I lay out my clothes and pack my bag at least the night before. Geeze Louise, there's enough to worry about on race day. Don't leave these details for last minute!

Don't forget to email me if you're racing on Sunday :) Excited to cheer for you!


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