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Reasons to run that have nothing to do with weight loss


-improves blood pressure

-improves the body's ability to 'burn sugar'

-reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression

-boosts healthy cholesterol

-creates stronger bones

-is good for you no matter how much you weigh

Did you start running to lose weight?

I know I did...and then...I fell madly, deeply in love with running and I realized there's WAY more to OUR SPORT than "calories burned."

As a sports dietitian, I'm constantly trying to help you shift your focus from thinking of running as a means to shrink your understanding that running is so much more than "calories burned."

Running is good for you no matter how much you weigh - you cannot judge your health based on body size, you cannot judge fitness based on body size and you deserve to CELEBRATE your body.

If you're a runner who is ready to change your relationship with running and to start celebrating your runner's body Click here for my Free Runner's 3 Step Guide to Better Body Image.


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