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Stuff I'm Lovin' Right Now

The new apartment is awesome-sauce, and while I officially feel like I've been moving for decades (because the whole process started mid-May with looking for places, June was spent packing up and now July is the month of unpacking/buying 'ish to decorate), the end is finally in sight!!

We got internet last week which was a pretty big freakin' deal. We are waiting for a new couch, which I feel like will really transform the living room and make me feel like we really live here. Honestly though, I love my kitchen so dang much that this place already feels like home. I can't wait to start Instagram Live-ing some cooking vids in there (ahem, so follow me on Instagram please)!

I wanted to keep this post nice & light & helpful because the last few weeks have been CRAZY and its just such a reminder that having the right TOOLS makes it so much easier to live a healthy lifestyle even when life is BANANAS. Cause even when you have running as exercise or running for meditation to keep ya calm, a little extra help goes a long way... such as prepared meal delivery and cute running clothes...


1. Splendid Spoon

Holy guacamole. I do not know what I would do without Splendid Spoon these last few weeks. Of all the meal delivery services, I truly think Splendid Spoon gives ya the best value for your buck.

What is Splendid Spoon? Basically a ready-to-eat meal delivery service providing vegan, GMO-free, gluten free soups, bowls and smoothies. I keep a few ready in my fridge and a few frozen in my freezer AT ALL TIMES for the last 1.5 years. Having prepared meal delivery to my door helps me stay healthy even when life gets extra crazy and hectic.

Speakin' of crazy life... let's talk about ME and MOVING. Take one crazy lady who has all of her cooking supplies packed in boxes & her fridge cleaned out in preparation to move + one week of moving between two apartments and then....CALM HER DOWN with a delivery of Splendid Spoon. No prep work, even the soupds can be eaten legit cold from their containers and still taste awesome (lookin' atchu Kabocha Congee and Mexican Tomato), and they are SO filling. The smoothies? I usually can only drink half of one at a time. AND that's saying something because I am the queen of RUN-GER. I have a great appetite and I knowww how to tame it with my fave complete meal delivery service.

ALL of Splendid Spoon's options are loaded with filling fiber from organic plants, vegan protein and healthy, anti-inflammatory fats.

They're a runner's dream because they keep the run-ger away and require zero prep work. And they're also the dream of anyone who is moving and is up to her ears in packing/unpacking.

You can check 'em out more here using this link to save $50 on your first order. Yes, I'm affiliated with them, no, I would never ever recommend anything I don't totally love oh-so-much.


I cannot say enough awesome things about this company's leggings and athletic shorts. I rocked my brand new CVG shorts this past weekend on a hike/run/1 hour HIIT workout and I have never felt more comfortable or confident.

Lemme tell ya a little somethin' somethin' about being a female athlete. Waistbands are irritating. They constantly fall down or squeeze your hips so tight you can't work out. CVG's shorts cut in a flattering, high waist fashion so I felt comfortable rockin' em with only a sports bra, they never budged once despite testing them on a run and doing squats, jumping movements and deadlifts... and I had three separate peeps compliment me in them.

The best part is that the shorts have POCKETS. I just love pockets. I can't even explain why.

Worried about underwear lines showing when ya squat? I was too...until I realized they are totally not see through. Worried about the price? Um, well they're inexpensive for such high quality workout gear. Nope, I'm not an affiliate, I just was sooo impressed with Constantly Varied Gear.

On the other hand, I also ordered a shirt and was disappointed that its a cotton blend not appropriate for working out. Its cute, and I'll rock it, but I can't workout in it, so probably would never order a shirt from them again. I'll be sure to let ya know how I feel about their sports bras as soon as I order one! But I cannot say enough awesome things about their leggings!


3. Homemade Cold Brew in a Soeur Stainless Steel Tumbler*

So it goes without saying that moving is expensive, so its not the best time to spend $5 a pop on cold brew coffee. That said, its like 90*F everyday so you best believe all I want is cold brew!

My solution is to make my own cold brew at home using a french press.

  1. I boil water at night

  2. Add 3 scoops of coffee and a pinch of salt to my french press

  3. Pour in boiling water

  4. Let it sit overnight in the fridge before pressing it in the morning!

  5. Keep it nice and cold in my Souer Stainless Steel Tumbler

I try to only drink coffee through a straw to reduce staining, but love that the tumbler reduces waste and keeps my coffee super cold. Its a win-win!

* Affiliate link via Amazon at no additional cost to you :)


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