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The craziest things that happen to everyone race week

I want to talk about 3 things I bet happen to you the week of your race!

1-Mysterious aches and pains

Have you had this happen to you? I certainly have! If I have trained really hard for a race or if it is a marathon or a race I am nervous for, I always get phantom pains. Now I am not telling you to ignore any pains you are feeling this week. I just wanted to tell that it is super common when you just start getting aches and pains that you have never had before.

It is a manifestation of the fact that you are so nervous! It is 100% normal to have these and I just want you to recognize that if you have never had a pain there before to just place your hand where the pain is and take a deep breath.

2-Freaking out about the weather

You are going to start checking the weather more than your social media or even your email. It is really important to check the weather (only once or twice) a week before your race and have a game plan. Plan for this is what I am going to wear if it rains, this is what I am going to wear if its hot and this is what I am going to wear if it is cold. Be ready for anything!

If you notice that checking the weather is making you nervous....then stop doing it. The things that you can control are very limited. You can pack all your clothes (and race day morning clothing as well) and have your race day nutrition ready.


If you notice when you are thinking about your race you are telling yourself, "I'm going to be the last one" or "I'm going to be the slowest one there." What ever your fears are...who the freak cares!? If you are the slowest one there are going to be so many people there cheering you on! So stop putting all of your energy into the worst case scenario.

If your self talk is negative like this you need to recognize it and channel it to a neutral or positive reminder of self talk. Pick a mantra that uplifts you, but it has be something that your brain will believe. Maybe something like, "It's going to be a fun day, this race is all about having fun!" Or "I'm going to feel strong that day!" Or "I'm going to give it my all this weekend!" You got this!!

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