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Week Two of Spring Race Training Tips

This week's training tips is allll about flexibility!

Now I am not talking about stretching, I'm talking about being flexible with how your training is going! There may be a workout that you miss or a workout unexpectedly feels super hard. That is okay, I want you to not beat yourself up over that. REMEMBER: Nothing positive comes from negative thoughts!

Think of the last time your training did not go to plan... how cruddy did that feel? Did that cruddy feeling propel you to do better? Or lead you down a hole of mean self-talk?

With food freedom, we learn compassion. Compassion is often confused for laziness, and yet compassion is often the approach we use with the people we love and our children... so why is it so hard for us to have compassion with ourselves?

I always strive to get curious instead of judgmental and compassionate instead of angry.When we approach mistakes/missed workouts with curiosity, we start asking questions like, "How can I change my schedule to better serve my training?" Or, "How can I ask for help?"

Flexibility will be your best friend in completing your training schedule!! Training for a race will disrupt your normal schedule. That's why we celebrate when we have finished the race because it means you prioritized your GOALS and your TRAINING for enough weeks to finish a dang race! No matter your finish time, running a race is a huge accomplishment.

It's important as an athlete (you are an athlete!) that you need to trust yourself, your body is your teammate!

In Food Freedom Fit Fam, we talk a lot about nutrition, but we also talk about connecting with your body. This connection helps you start to view your body as your teammate, and having your body as your teammate allows you to foster a positive relationship with your body.

If you've tried bullying your body into better health or better fitness goals, then you probably know how defeating that process feels. You DESERVE to feel proud of your training, even if it doesn't go exactly as planned. Staying stuck in "black and white" thinking where you're either following your training plan perfectly, or not at all, is a common mistake I see with new runners.

Just like with food, it's important not to get caught up in perfectionism. There's a lot to learn from your mistakes, and as imperfect beings, you have to expect to make mistakes. Those mistakes give you the chance to get curious and LEARN.

So, go forth in your training, and BE FLEXIBLE! You got this :)


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