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#WeighEveryday - My New Relationship with ... "The Scale"

So. This is awkward.

After years of telling you guys to forget about the scale, toss it out the window, stop weighing yourself... I'm taking it all back.

In fact, I'm suggesting you join me in my new movement, "Weigh Everyday." But hold up. The bopopo has not lost her #bopo mind. Have no fear.



I'm not saying these crazy thangs because I've recently lost a ton of weight and love the numero on the scale. AND NO. Its not because I hate you. Its because the science says its one of the best habits you can adapt to KEEP WEIGHT OFF. And, also, because I'm working on truly, seriously and completely NOT CARING what the number on the scale says BY weighing myself daily.

So, here's the new ritual: first thing in the morning, on the same scale, before eating anything, I weigh myself sans clothing. And I've started tracking it in the app, Happy Scale, to follow trends. And I'm loving it.



The experience has been totally eye opening. I tell clients ALL THE TIME that weight is so insignificant. It can change radically depending on a hard workout, stress levels, salt intake, hormones, menstrual cycle. And now that I'm all about that #weigheveryday life, I've seen that my scale can fluctuate UP TO 6 pounds in a week! That's so drastic. Its bananas!!! Luckily, the app Happy Scale helps keep it all in perspective by taking averages of your weights.... However, this is about more than just the crazy hydration status of a 30 year old female athlete.

Seeing the number on the scale change daily- go up and down, up and down, down and up - has actually helped me STOP giving that number SO MUCH emotional investment. As I see it every morning, I become less and less sensitive to it. I am finally learning how to ignore the number on the scale, not by ignoring its existence, but by facing it everyday. Sometimes its higher or lower, but ultimately, I should not let it dictate how I feel about myself.

Besides using Happy Scale to track my weight TRENDS, I am taking MONTHLY measurements and WEEKLY progress pictures. Honestly, the pictures are the most motivating thang for me. Its just so amazing to watch little changes in muscle mass and shape to develop... and I get SO excited to see the changes in my weekly pics, that it totally motivates me to stick to my #TFNChallenge.

Now, besides using #weigheveryday to stop investing so much emotional turmoil into how much I weigh... science also suggests that weighing daily is a great way to lose weight and to keep weight off (let's be honest, you did not think I'd be doing this if science didn't suggest its a great idea?!?!). Several studies (1, 2) suggest that weighing daily is associated with long term weight loss and habits that are associated with sustained weight loss. And that's what I'm aiming for peeps. Staying the same weight. For a long ass time. Not for a few months to look hawt in a bikini.

I've been talking a lot about this experience in my FREE facebook community, Real Foodies. Want to join? We have free weekly Facebook Lives together where we talk about EVERYTHING. Delicious food, healthy tricks and tips, and fitness. Its fun.






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