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What do you do if you're hungry BEFORE DINNER?!

Let's say it's 6:30pm and you're waiting for your significant other to come home so you can go get dinner. So what do you do? At some point you have had this thought of..."Should I eat? Even if we are getting dinner so soon..." I'll tell you what you should do...

GET A SNACK!! It's okay to honor that hunger, you don't have to wait or worry about you not being hungry for dinner.

What you need to realize is that you cannot control your hunger, but instead work with it Ignoring hunger creates "dis-embodiment" and creates a disconnect between your body's experience and what your brain tells you to do. This breaks up the "camaraderie" or "team-manship" of your brain and body.

As a runner aren't you constantly demanding your body to do so much for you? You are constantly working with your body, right? Your body is your ally. So when you say, "I don't trust you body, you're hungry but I'm not going to feed you because you are not allowed to be hungry yet;" you are becoming disembodied.

When you feel hungry it is important to eat! Many of the athlete's that I have worked with have told me that they now "feel normal" around food for the first time in their life. They can have the bag of pretzels in the house and not sit there and eat the whole bag.

So... the lesson being....It's okay to have a snack before dinner. Maybe you will eat a little less since you won't be so hungry but you know what? You can bring home the leftovers and heat them up tomorrow. If you feel like you can't trust yourself around food or you don't trust your hunger, I have been there! I wish I would have learned sooner what I know now. If you want to talk click here, sometimes its just good to let it out!


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