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What's the point of racing if you won't PR??

This is the first time I am running without trying to PR. It has definitely been messing with my mind. Sometimes I think, "Who cares?"

But... We need to realize that our mindset matters. What we say to ourselves matters. When we go around saying, "Oh, who cares, I'm not even trying to PR," - we are stealing our thunder and that is a crock of poop!! You know why? You are running a marathon or 5k or a walk run in the park, if you have trained for it and prioritized time from your life for this race.... You are ready for it, even if you aren't showing up to PR... It is still important. AND - Racing can be so much more than running fast.

We need to start changing the narrative, we need to put our best foot forward. AND! If you are not there to celebrate yourself, you are going to give up. You are going to struggle in your race, it is just something that happens. So, this is important, it is something to celebrate! What matters is that you trained for it and you are showing up for yourself. You prioritized this race in your life and it is worth celebrating and congratulating yourself.

Your beliefs are going to shift the information we filter into our brain. So if you believe you are going to suck or you say, "oh who cares, I'm not going to even run fast that day..." Then you are going to start looking for proof that that is true and it's going to create your reality. We need to change the way we think, we need to work with our brain and how you do that is by saying, "We are learning to..." and fill in the blank. It could be, "I am learning to accept that I am an athlete," or "I am learning to accept that I am a rockstar," I am learning to accept that I am running this race and it is a BIG FREAKING DEAL!"

So if I am not running a PR... what am I getting instead? There are things that you will get instead of a PR. Perhaps you will actually get to enjoy the race (the last time I ran the Chicago Marathon I was so focused on my watch I don't remember anything), the community and enjoy my surroundings. Usually when I am not trying to PR I find that I learn something. I might pay attention to my form or find out that I like to be on the side when its a big race or which fuel feels best in my stomach.


This is a big part of Food Freedom Fit Fam! I created this community to combat all of the negative belief that women have about themselves and this thought that women have to focus on shrinking and competing with one another in order to be successful.

When you join Food Freedom Fit Fam, you start to think of yourself differently as an athlete. You realize these things:

-There is so much more to being a runner than being in the smallest body possible

-You are in a community of other female runners who have the same goals, worries and struggles

-You no longer feel alone

-We focus not on who is the fastest but how can I lift you up and encourage you as my fellow athlete and teammate??

Remember this race is a big deal. Stop minimizing it.

You are going to learn something that day.

Lastly ask yourself, "What am I going to celebrate that day?"

Are you training for a race too? Then be sure to head over to my free Facebook community & hang out with fellow runners. You can join by clicking here.


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