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What to do if you get bloated around your cycle

Someone asked me a question on Instagram about how they feel about their body during their cycle, she gets bloated and hates her body, it also starts that negative thought loop. I am going to share some nutrition strategizes that you can implement when you are feeling bloated. However the most important thing is to stop that negative self talk right away. It changes your mood and leads to more decisions that are going to make you not feel good in your body. Like I always say, nothing positive comes from negative thoughts!

#1 Set a reminder

First of all it is totally normal to get bloated around your period. I want you to set a reminder in your phone or on your calendar that your period is coming and that you are going to be bloated, it helps you get ready and prepare. What you can do is make sure you have loose comfortable clothing for that week so that you are not triggering yourself by trying to fit into something that is a little tighter.

#2 Create kindness and compassion and feeling comfortable in your skin

What do you need to do to make yourself feel more comfortable in your body that week? It could be spending time laying low, relaxing, reading a book. It is okay to slow down this week, it is not helpful to push through the week as if nothing is going on in your body. Can you adjust your schedule to take care of yourself so you can feel more comfortable in your skin?

Okay now from a nutrition perspective what can you do to not feel so bloated.

1-drink more water- you need to drink more water and keep up with your hydration needs as well as your salt intake. So drinking lots of tea, water, maybe having a sports drink before bed and adding more salt to your food.

2-more inflammation- adjust your nutrition intake to reduce inflammation. Fat sources help reduce inflammation like avocado, olive oil, seeds and nut butters, etc.

Just remember that there is nothing wrong with your body and you need to take care of it like a teammate, especially during pms week!

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