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What to focus on for PRs

You may think that in order to PR your performance you need to be thinner. That just isn't true. We see Olympians and pro athletes and we see their lean physique and we assume that the way they achieved this physique is by dieting down. Let's make this clear, these athletes are not on low calorie diets to get the body that they have. They are doing intense training and when during their free time they are recovering (and having help during their recovery days)!

So what can you do?

We don't have access to everything that these pro athletes have so instead of trying to diet down our bodies lets talk about things that we can do to help our performance. First is having a good training plan, that may mean having a coach who is going to help you and to have a smart training plan.

A smart training plan is:

-having a strong base

-having lots of runs at that slow conversation pace (that we all hate doing)

-building in the speedwork that we need to get faster and fueling those runs with enough calories

-doing the strength work to get stronger and fueling with enough calories to build muscle

Getting thinner is not where you should start when you are trying to PR. Here are some questions you should be asking yourself:

-Is my training good enough?

-Is my fuel right?

-Am I getting enough rest?

What we know is that eating enough carbohydrate, protein and anti-inflammatory fat to support our performance leads to better running. Period.

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