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What your sugar cravings really mean


The holidays are over and you've declared that 2021 is the year that you'll eat less sugar! Hooray! Hurrah!

And then... you realize... dang, I seriously loveee those sweets. This spirals into panic... WHY AM I SO ADDICTED TO SUGAR?!

Let me tell you, my friend, what is happening. Your body is trying to tell you something. Your body is asking for more carbs at meals, and your sneaky low carb, cauli rice swaps and your carefully portioned 1/2-3/4 cup grain 'bowls,' your high protein snacks, your high fat dinners... they ain't helpin'.

Do you see the pattern? Your brain is trying to control your meals so they're "low carb," but your body is screaming at you, "I NEED CARBS, DANG IT!"

Stop making your brain manipulate your food choices. Let your body tell you what it needs.

So what can you do to help your sweet tooth? Start eating more carbs. Your body is asking you for them, and it's about dang time you start listening. Listen, you can START SMALL! If you're scared to death of rice, then just add a bit of it in. If you're terrified of beans, just add a tablespoon. The idea at this stage is just to start adding them in - a few bites here and there - and realize that it isn't scary. You won't magically "get fat."

Or maybe you're eating carbs but small amounts. A half cup. A cup. A measured amount that you've pre-determined as the 'right amount,' instead of examining how the quantity makes your body feel and adjusting the amount from there.

Do you see the difference? In one case your mind is calculating and pre-determining your carb allotment, and in the other situation you're checking in with what your body tells you and tweaking from there.

Even the smartest of us dietitians know that the equations we learn in 'dietitian school' are notoriously inaccurate. Mifflin St Jeor, Harris Benedict.. these equations are erroneous for nearly 60-80% of people!!! Why? Because these equations are static, assuming that every person who is the same weight, height, gender and age as you burn the same amount calories. Um, no. I can think of like 300 different body types that fellow 130lb, 5'3", 32 year old females may appear to look like! Same age as me, same height, same age - but totally different body types. You can bet your booty that we all have different calorie needs, different macronutrient needs -

and you can bet your booty that your body can help you determine those calorie and macro needs simply by you learning how to listen to your body.

The athletes I work in my group coaching program, Food Freedom Fit Fam, make peace with food and then learn how to use that food to fuel their performance. You can tune into Betsy's testimonial here if you want to learn more about how powerful food freedom can be for active women. And you can join the next powerful group of fit women by clicking here! We accept a few new members each month!

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