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You're Allowed to Ask for Help

Do you snack when you're stressed? Sad? Emotional? Then this post is for you.

Cause...Life has been heavy, my friends.

Last week kinda broke my spirit. I'm pretty unshakably gleeful usually, but the realization of racism's prevalence and existence (yes, I know, I've been living in a bubble) combined with the 3rd month of COVID LIFE... and I felt crappy. I cried a lot. I have been snippy and bratty. I have felt really stressed over really small things that I can usually handle.

And a lot of my clients had tough weeks too. They felt stressed, sad, heavy with the weight of what is our reality... and of course, then there's real life. The day to day stressors don't disappear just because we are now mourning the loss of human life to racist acts of violence and coronavirus.

This week reminded me of a HUGE LESSON I had to learn way back when I was figuring out how to make healthy eating a sustainable way of living.

When I'm sad or stressed, it doesn't help to curl up into a ball and try and deal with it on my own. It is OKAY to ask for help. I work solely with women and, all the freakin' ladies, will tell ya, we loveeee to take on wayyy too much. Society has assigned us the role of 'caretaker' and care-taking we do for everyone and everything but ourselves.

So I was reminded, as I shed tears watching documentaries (13th on Netflix) and wanting the comfort of chocolate, that the food only brings temporary relief. Sometimes, it's the perfect solution, but it's not okay when it's the sole source of comfort. We deserve to have better tools in our toolbox.

So I told my boyfriend, "I'm in a bad mood." And I've probably said that everyday for the last week. I've needed lots of hugs, lots of time to be pissy and alone, lots of time to process. And, I know, if you have kids, then you may not have the luxury of that time. But can you ask for help??

Can someone watch the kids while you take time to go for a long run? Can someone help you clean up the kitchen so you can take an extra long shower? Can you hide in the bathroom for five minutes and just sit with your eyes closed in quiet? It's not selfish. It's human. It's necessary.

Sending you lots of love and permission to ask for help. Even if it's the smallest thing. If it takes a little weight off your shoulders, then it was worth asking.


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