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You want your power stripped from you

As women runners we (me included!) can be driven, type A and like to be in control of things. Something I am learning from working with all these really driven women is that deep down inside I think you want some one to take your power from you. Now wait before you stop reading, I think there is a powerful AHA moment for you if you so please keep reading.

During my Food Freedom Fit Fam program at about 6 weeks in these women are finally starting to listen to their body and use the 4 question framework that I give them and feeling empowered. But I also start to get messages from them like, "I think I am eating too much," "I am not sure I should have this much food for my body." They are experiencing much fear. They want me to control that for them.

Society has conditioned women to think that you cannot trust your body. They want you to believe that you cannot make decisions for yourself or to take care of yourself. They want you to sell out your power to someone else. So when you are my client and asking me if you are eating the right things, I am going to just ask you questions back instead of give you a yes or no answer. The reason is so that you to learn what feeling empowered is like and to make decisions for your body that are best for your body! You are the expert of your body!

When you step into your power it is scary! Your brain sends you a message saying to be afraid that you are doing it wrong. So when you ask me for advice I will tell you that you are feeling afraid right now because the power is in your court. This is what it feels like to be's uncomfortable, right? It is uncomfortable but you are an athlete, you do uncomfortable things!! You run the marathon or 5k and it is uncomfortable. So why is that when it comes to fueling your body you are choosing to back out? Your mindset needs to change and you need to feel comfortable with claiming back your power.

If you want to talk more about this DM me on Instagram with the words "take back my power" and we can chat!


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