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Your Thanksgiving Plan

LIVE START - Thursday November 26, 9am est

FLEX START- Thursday - Sunday November 26-29

COST: freeeee


Next week kicks off the holidays and while I'm not quite sure what the holidays will be like this year... I'm excited to put up my Christmas tree. LOL - my boyfriend has nooo clue what he's in for. I plan on making it the most obnoxious bedecking of the Christmas tree ever, cause homegirl needs some holiday cheer, ya know what I mean??

When do you put up your Christmas tree? DM me on IG and lmk!

But before we get the Christmas lights out, let's talk about Thanksgiving.

The highlight of Thanksgiving for me has always been my morning Turkey Trot. I have been dragging my poor parents to them for yearsssss lol - I make them stand out in the cold and watch me race, just like the good ole' days when I raced cross country in highschool.

They complain about it, but I know they secretly love it :) :) And then afterwards we drink hot coffee and eat bagels and laugh. I love that tradition sooo much and its super sad that this year it isn't happening (although, of course, totally worth skipping to help flatten the curve!!!).

Sooo.... the only thing I could think of to kinda-sorta replicate the warm-fuzzy-feeling I get when I drag my parents to my Turkey Trot... is to DRAG YOU to my Turkey Trot!!! Which is why I created the first ever Annual Anti Diet Turkey Trot 5k!!! It is taking place either LIVE at 9am est on Thanksgiving or you can choose a flex start any time Thursday through Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend!!

I am super excited because if you tag me @serenamarierd and use the hashtag #antidietturkeytrot, I'm totally gona give out a prize!! And, let's be real, I'm just so excited to feel the COMMUNITY that a goodddd Turkey Trot brings to the holiday table!

I've created an awesome little self-love video series for ya when you sign up!! The point of the 5k is to help you FEEL GRATITUDE for your body on Thanksgiving, rather than using the race as an opportunity to 'burn calories to earn your food.' Girllllfrand, I want you to CELEBRATE your bod with me on Thanksgiving weekend. I want you to FEEL the strength of those two legs (or your arms if you'll be wheeling it!), and I want you to know that you are ALWAYS worthy of delicious, comforting food. Ain't nobodyyyy gona take that away from you!

Did I mention the 5k is completely free?! So puhhh-leaseee invite your friends! Forward it to anyone you've ever spoken to lol and let's make this Thanksgiving revolution where we all come together to celebrate our bodies.


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